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Shannon K. Murphy

Boston, MA
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Content marketing strategist. Passions: Video, SEO, social media, mobile, YouTube & UX. Formerly 3PlayMedia & HubSpot. Author: Transforming Video SEO through Transcripts & Captions (ebook).

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Video training 101 article
6 Simple Rules for Video Training Efficiency

The quality of employee video training can directly impact business success. Here are some employee training tips to make video content a superior tool....

Video seo hero image 1600x960 copy article
Simple Strategies for Sophisticated Video SEO

How can you get the most SEO value from your video content? Read on for video SEO case studies, examples and key strategies for success....

Wp seo thumb 108 article
Ebook: Transforming Video SEO through Transcripts and Captions

In this e-book we discuss:
 Video SEO basics
 Case studies and an ROI analysis of transcripts and captions
 Video transcript publishing methods
 YouTube SEO and viewership strategies
 Content marketing optimization through video transcripts
 International SEO and subtitles
 Optimization techniques for videos behind a paywall

Blog post modern youtube business video article
Quick Guide: Modern YouTube Strategy for Business Video

This quick guide for business video covers how to drive measurable video marketing success with YouTube and your own site....

Head 197345 640 article
Four Reasons the Brain Loves Video for Training

Why do we learn more faster through videos? To acquire new skills quickly we need to mimic real life. Video training is very close. Delve into the science and understand why our brain loves video for learning....

Travel airplane blog article
Lessons in Video Marketing for the Travel & Tourism Industry

When you're selling an experience, video marketing is a major asset. Here we explain what goes into a great video landing page for travel products....

Video seo blog article
Video Transcripts: Powering Video SEO and Creative Content Marketing - Altitude: Elevating Video

Video transcription is vital to intelligent content marketing and quality video SEO traffic. Here are some ideas for how to use transcripts in your video marketing process....

6082519811 dc71294133 z article
5 Elements of a Successful Employee Training Website

Video for employee training is immensely valuable. To be successful, excellent video training content needs an excellent video training experience. Here are some tips....

01 31 2013 image1 article
How Online Learners Use Interactive Video Transcripts [STUDY]

Learn how MIT's Open Course Ware students are utilizing interactive video transcripts to better learn online and tailor online lectures to their needs....

Video portal hero image blog article
How to Integrate Video into Your Website: A Beginners's Guide

If you are redesigning or revamping your website, check out these five tips for integrating video into your website, including examples....

Simple video production article
5 Video Services to Simplify Video Creation & Add a Wow Factor

Making professional quality video can seem difficult but there are technologies that put video production and publication at your finger tips....

TMobile Captioning Case Study

How T-Mobile Uses Video and Captions

For T-Mobile, captioned video is a vital part of communication that enhances video functionality and user experience. A large portion of the audience watching corporate videos are what Ali Daniali of T-Mobile calls “frontline” employees or employees at retail locations. T-Mobile knows that these locations do not have computers with speakers and so captions are essential to the comprehension of video content. The company captions 100% of this video content.

Fairuse article
Copyright Law and Fair Use: Legal to Caption Public YouTube ...

January 8, 2014 | What is Fair Use?
The legality of adding captions to public YouTube videos is governed by the principle of “fair use,” a provision woven into the very fabric of copyright law.
Fair use balances the needs of content creators with those of content users and also allows for the evolution and exchange of ideas. Whereas copyright law is a set of rules, fair use is a set of exceptions of equal importance. Fair use is evaluated on four factors, which allow interpretation in diverse situations.

2013 article
Year in Review: 3Play Media's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

Year in Review: 3Play Media's Top 10 Blog Posts of ...

Hqdefault article
Accessibility and Video Captions According to Google and YouTube

Future of Accessibility and Video Captions According to Google and YouTube. January 10, 2014 | By: Shannon K. Murphy | Comments (8). Tags: captions ......